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We have carefully reviewed the best best medical intuitive healers online and here are our findings.

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As advanced as today’s medical capabilities have become, there are still limits to modern medicine.

Though doctors know how to treat physical symptoms, they often have a lack of understanding regarding the non-physical causes of a lot of illnesses.

Medical intuitive doctors view healing in a different manner. They attempt to find the causes of physical and emotional illnesses through their own personal insight rather than the knowledge stemming from modern medicine.

Read on to find out more about how to hire the best medical intuitive healers to help with your physical and emotional needs.

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Find a Medical Psychic on Kasamba Max 80 words.

Instead of searching “medical intuitive near me”, head over to to search through the profiles of some of the best medical psychics around the world.

Kasamba is an online platform that helps to connect people to all types of psychics, including medical intuitive doctors.

You can comb through the available medical psychics, and read about their past experience, client reviews, and varying methodologies for conducting their craft.

Out of the many available intuitive doctors on Kasamba, you are sure to find the perfect person to book a medical intuitive reading with much faster than just searching “medical intuitive near me” on the internet.

Psychic #1 – Medical astrologist

C.Raj is an advanced medical astrologist. He has conducted astrological consultations for over 25 years, including in the realm of Medical Astrology.

He uses the specific field of Indian Vedic Astrology, which is an ancient science that charts human life based on the planetary positions during the time of one’s birth.



C.Raj combines his knowledge of astrology with his knowledge of medical analysis to look deeper into the causes of a person’s illness and prescribe a solution.

His past clients have referred to him as a generous and caring “dead on astrologer”. C.Raj is relatively new to Kasamba and only has 40 reviews.

However, he has so far received an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

His prices range from $99 for a Vedic Horoscope Prediction to $499 for a full-life reading.

  • Experience 80% 80%
  • review ratings 50% 50%
  • price 20% 20%

Psychic #2 – Painfully honest

Lilly is a direct intuitive psychic and medium. Spirit communicates with her using images, words, and feelings, which she then relays back to her client.



Lilly has experience with spiritual intuitive counseling, medical intuitive counseling, as well as multiple healing mediums, such as chakra balancing, quantum touch healing, and more.

She aims to help clients come to terms with the truth, no matter how painfully honest it may be.

Lilly is also new to Kasamba and only has 53 reviews. However, her past clients have gone above and beyond in their raving reviews. She has so far received an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Lilly’s prices start at $24.44 per minute and $100 per email reading.

  • Experience 80% 80%
  • review ratings 50% 50%
  • price 20% 20%

Psychic #3 – Our top choice

Spiritual Shiwa is a professional medical intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic, and spiritual medium.

She has excelled in the fields of spiritual healing using modalities such as pranic healing, angel healing, crystal healing, candle flame healing, ancient craft healing, and more.

Spiritual Shiwa


She believes that once patients are treated at their soul energetic level, then the physical body begins to heal as well.

She helps to diagnose the spiritual reason for an illness as well as help heal this issue.

Spiritual Shiwa has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and over 5,000 reviews, making her one of the best medical intuitive healers on Kasamba.

stephanie soul reader online
  • Experience 80% 80%
  • review ratings 50% 50%
  • price 20% 20%

What Makes Medical Intuitive Healers From Kasamba Stand Out?

  • Instead of searching “medical intuitive near me” on the internet, Kasamba gathers all the best medical psychics in the world and puts them together in one convenient listing for you to explore.
  • Kasamba has some of the best medical intuitive healers from all different backgrounds. They have all studied unique forms of healing that make their methodologies a bit different. You have the ability to choose whatever methods suit your personal preferences.
  • You can book a medical intuitive reading free of charge for at least three minutes. This allows you to test out a medical psychic before you even have to pay out of pocket. ● Kasamba holds all their psychics to a very high standard. You can be sure that any psychic with adequate ratings is authentic and trustworthy.
  • Because you book through the Kasamba website, you have 24/7 access to medical psychics. There will always be someone available to help with your needs.
  • Kasamba gives you the option to book a medical intuitive reading through whatever means you are most comfortable with, including live chat, email, phone, etc.


Kasamba is a highly convenient website that allows you to quickly find a medical intuitive psychic that can help you with your medical issues using their intuition and psychic abilities.

With so many amazing medical psychics on the website, you should have no trouble finding the right person for you.

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