Psychic therapist near me: Find The Best Psychic Psychologist and Counselor Available Online Now.

Review: psychic therapist near me

We have carefully reviewed and analyzed the top certified psychic psychologists. Here we share our findings.

psychic therapist
psychic counselor near me
psychic psychologist near me

Certified psychic therapists and counselors can be challenging to locate at the last minute.

Although you can look up “psychist therapist near me” on the internet, these psychics will not always be available when you need them.

However, sometimes locating a “psychic psychologist near me” is extremely time-dependent. You don’t always have the luxury of waiting.

Fortunately, there is a much easier way to locate a psychic other than searching “psychic counselor near me” on the internet. Read on to learn exactly how you can find a psychic therapist available now.

psychic therapist near me

Book a Psychic Therapist Session Right Now on Kasamba

Instead of looking up “psychic therapist near me” on the internet, you should head to Kasamba, an online psychic platform that can help connect you to some of the best psychics worldwide.

There are thousands of psychics from all over the world available on Kasamba. Because they are based globally, there is always someone online ready to talk with you.

You can tell whether someone is available by looking at the online tag next to their profile.

Scroll through the many pages of psychics until you see one that you like. Learn more about them by clicking on their profile and reading through their bio.

You will find out about their past experience, psychic methods, certifications, and even their previous clients’ reviews.

No need to search “psychic counselor near me” on the internet. Instead, you can find the perfect psychic in minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Psychic #1 – A psychic psychologist with serious degrees

Lilly is a highly experienced psychic therapist with numerous qualifications.

She has an MS, MA, and Psychology degree in Relationship and Marriage-Family Therapy.



She is also a certified professional behavior analyst, spiritual intuitive counselor, Reiki Master, Traumatologist, Adlerian Depth Psychotherapist, and medium.

Her qualifications and past experience working to help thousands of clients makes her a great option for a psychic therapist.

Lilly has only 53 past client reviews, but has maintained a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Her rates start at $24.44 per minute or $100 for an email reading.

Psychic #2 – Our top choice

LeeLoo is a trained psychologist with a Master’s degree in psychology and over 15 years of experience.

She also works as a dream interpreter, relationship and life coach, tarot card reader, clairvoyant, and relationship and life coach.

LeeLoo.s Esotericorner


She has used her training in psychology to look more deeply at spiritual matters and learn how to better help people through their problems.

She has counseled people with both spiritual and practical advice, as well as as a seer, astrologer, and advisor.

LeeLoo has over 900 reviews and a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Her prices are affordable, starting at $7.99 per minute or $30 for a quick reading and $100 for a complex reading.

Psychic #3 – Highly rated psychologist

Alicia obtained her Bachelor of Psychology degree from Nottingham University, after which she proceeded to work as a consultant psychologist for over six years.

She also has several years of experience working in astrology, numerology, dream analysis, tarot reading, and palm reading.



As a consultant psychologist, Alicia has worked with thousands of past clients, helping guide them on their life’s journey with patience and wisdom.

She has over 6,000 reviews and a 5 out of 5 star average, making her one of the top-rated psychic therapists on Kasamba.

Her prices are also very affordable, at $4.99 per minute and $10 for an email reading.

stephanie soul reader online

Find the “Psychic Therapist Near Me” on Kasamba!

  • All the psychics on Kasamba are held to the platform’s strict regulations. Kasmaba ensures that all psychics provide high-quality services.
  • You can learn all about a psychic before booking a session with them, including their past experience, certifications, and the methods they use in their session.
  • Book a session with a psychic therapist and get the first three minutes free of charge. If you do not connect well with them, you don’t have to pay anything.
  • If your reading is not satisfactory, you are guaranteed a refund.

What Makes Psychic Psychologists from Kasamba Stand Out?

  • Psychic psychologists on Kasamba have the proper qualifications for this field of work. They are also extremely experienced and know what they are doing.
  • Every psychic therapist on Kasamba has a slightly different backstory and slightly different methodologies. No matter what kind of psychic therapist you are looking for, you will be sure to find them on the site.
  • Kasamba’s best psychic counselors have a plethora of positive reviews from their past clients. You can trust that they will satisfy your needs as well.
  • With psychics based all over the globe and 24/7 access to the website, you will always be able to easily find a psychic therapist to connect with.
  • You can chat with a psychic therapist in whatever means is most comfortable for you, including phone calls, live chats, emailing, etc.

Conclusion – psychic counselor near me

Instead of searching “psychic psychologist near me” on the internet, simply head over to Kasamba to connect with some of the best psychic therapists from around the world.

This is a much faster and more convenient method of finding a great psychic therapist to connect with.

With so many amazing psychics available on Kasamba, you are sure to find one perfectly suited to your needs!

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