How much are psychic readings? How much does a psychic cost online and in person?

how much are psychic readings?

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Think of the last time you wanted to purchase a psychic reading.

What was the first question on your mind? How much do they cost? How much are psychic readings? 

Well, the prices aren’t set in stone.

how much are psychic readings

How much does a psychic reading cost?

Generally, the average cost of a psychic reading depends on many factors including

  • The Psychic You Choose To Work With

The prices will depend upon how experienced a reader is. Seasoned psychics charge more than the ones who are just starting out.

This is because new psychic readers are more focused on building their reputation in the market. It doesn’t mean that they are bad psychics.

Their focus, however, is on acquiring new clients. Charging less money is one way to do that. 

  • The Mode Of The Reading

Psychic reading prices also depend on the mode of reading.

Offline readings usually cost more than online readings. This is because the psychic also needs money to maintain their studio.

  • Medium Of Communication

Video-based psychic readings can cost more than phone or chat-based readings. Some psychics also provide email readings and have different charges for those. 

In the world of online readings, you can avail many psychic reading offers on platforms like or 

Exactly, how much does a psychic reading cost?

The prices are never fixed and depend on the platform you use and the commission they take for each order, the psychic’s experience, and the mode of communication.

You will likely receive the best offers when trying out a new psychic or a new psychic reading platform. 

Psychic Source: Psychic Reading Prices, Offers & More is one of the premium platforms for receiving psychic readings. Here you can order different types of psychic readings like tarot card reading, spiritual reading, past life readings, and numerology readings. 

On Psychic Source, you can book a psychic reading for as low as $1.00. However, on this platform, you will have to pay for 10, 20, or 30-minute reading in advance. 

If you are new to the platform, you will be able to get the first three minutes free on every paid reading. As a new customer, you can also avail 40% off on your first reading. 

No more wondering “how much are psychic readings”. The platform is very transparent about its cost. 

On Psychic Source, you can receive a psychic reading via chat, phone call, or video.

You can also check your psychic’s schedule and book an appointment as soon as you click on their profile.

You can also take a short quiz to find the top three psychics for you on

Now that you know psychic reading prices on this platform, let’s move on to the next.

Kasamba Prices and Psychic Reading Offers

How much does a psychic reading cost? Let’s talk about the average cost of psychic readings and various psychic reading offers on

Kasamba has been providing quality psychic readings to its customers for the last 20 years.

You get the first three minutes free for every new psychic you try to see if you resonate with them.

Kasamba offers a large variety of psychic readings like aura reading, crystal reading, pet readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, graphology, dream interpretation and so much more.

Kasamba has thousands of psychics to choose from. The prices will vary from $1.99 to $30.00 per minute. 

You can also avail up to a 15-50% discount on your first reading on the platform.

On Kasamba, you can receive readings via chat, phone call, or email. You can also read your psychic’s qualifications and experience before you book with them.

In-person Psychic Readings

In-person psychic readings usually cost more than online readings.

This is because psychics usually have a more rigid schedule when working offline.

Offline marketing and promotional activities also require a bigger budget than online marketing techniques.

They also need more money for the maintenance of their shop/studio. Online marketing generally requires less cost.

Also, the platforms these psychics work on are usually responsible for marketing and promotional activities.

They take a small commission from the psychics that work on the platform which can affect the price of your reading.

There’s no minimum or maximum cost when it comes to in-person psychic readings. It depends on the psychic’s experience and availability.

Conclusion – How Much Are Psychic Readings?

Online psychic readings are generally more affordable and convenient for both you and your psychic. 

As we discussed in the beginning, there are many factors that affect the cost of a psychic reading- the experience and availability of the psychic, promotional budget, and maintenance costs.

You can receive an online psychic reading via chat, phone, video, or email, depending upon the platform you choose. 

Psychic Source and Kasamba are one of the most reputable platforms online proving psychic readings.

While Psychic Source is more budget-friendly, Kasamba has a wide variety of psychic readings to choose from.

They also have hundreds of psychics, if not more, in each category. 

Both these platforms are very transparent about the cost of the reading.

You don’t have to wonder how much psychic readings are anymore.  And, you never have to worry about any hidden costs on either of these platforms.

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