Card Meaning: Judgement reversed as feelings, love, how someone sees you, and as advice

judgement reversed as feelings

Do you avoid making important decisions? The Judgement Reversed indicates an individual that is closed off to divine guidance.

This person feels lost and avoids making difficult decisions at all costs.

This further complicates their life. Let’s discuss the meaning of Judgement Reversed as feelings, love, how someone sees you, and advice in more detail.

judgement reversed as feelings

Judgement Reversed As Feelings

When the Judgement Reversed appears in a reading, it indicates that you feel star-crossed — like the odds are just not in your favour.

Judgement Reversed As Feelings is about questioning the plan that universal powers have for you. Something in your life, most likely an unexpected failure, has left you feeling defeated.

You feel rejected by the Universe and doubt if good things can ever happen to you.

On the other hand, the judgement card in the reversed position can also indicate an individual conspiring against his/her fate.

Either you have no faith in your destiny, or you want something you know you can’t have. You may also be feeling that someone can unfairly take what you deserve away from you.

Overall, the judgement reversed as feelings indicate an individual’s inner battle against his/her fate.

Before we talk about the Judgement Reversed as advice, let’s also discuss the “Judgement reversed love” and the “judgement reversed tarot how someone sees you” meanings so you better understand the message of this card in a reversed position.

Judgement Reversed Love Meaning

In a love situation, the judgement reversed indicates a desire to be with an individual who you know you shouldn’t be with.

The judgement reversed love meaning also indicates that a relationship is on the rocks. This situation has become toxic. Although you are aware of that, you are hesitant to end it.

The reversed judgement in the love reading also refers to feeling as if everything is against a relationship. Either or both of your families are unsupportive of this connection.

This card in the reversed position may also be talking about a long-distance relationship. The difference in time zones may be causing conflicts between you and your partner.

You are being guided to have faith in your destiny. A connection that’s meant to last will not be broken by anything.

On the other hand, if a relationship is meant to end, no amount of effort will be able to save it. In simple words, what is meant to be will be.

While this may make you feel powerful, trust in your fate can also be one of the most empowering experiences of your life. You don’t have to worry about anything.

When the judgement reversed appears in a love situation, trust that whatever is meant for you will be provided.

Judgement Reversed Tarot: How Someone Sees You

The meaning Of Judgement Reversed in the context of how someone sees you is a bit dicey.

The interpretation of this card will depend on the surrounding cards. If the supporting cards have a positive meaning, the judgement reversed indicates that this individual sees you as someone in charge of their own fate.

They think you don’t need to depend on anyone else for the fulfilment of your desires. They see you as a leader who knows how to make things happen.

If the supporting cards have a negative connotation, the person you are asking about finds you disrespectful of the divine plan and the higher powers who created it for everyone.

The judgement reversed tarot how someone sees you can also talk about an old flame— an ex who thinks that things ended unfairly between you two.

They want a chance to make things work with you. If you know who this person is and you feel the same way, feel free to reach out to them and talk about where you see things going with them.

Judgement Reversed As Advice

The Judgement Reversed as advice is about asking for guidance. It’s okay if you don’t know where things are going.

Everyone ends up having to deal with uncertainty at some point in their life. The best thing to do is to trust your spiritual guides and helpers.

Trust higher powers to take care of you. God/Spirit/Universe will provide what you need when you need it —just like they always have and always will.

While dealing with uncertainty, always remember that things are not as bad as you think. Take some time to relax, calm down and look at this situation with a fresh perspective.

Distancing yourself from a situation for a few days will also help you with seeing the bigger picture.

The Judgement Reversed as an advice card is about trying to understand why what’s happening needs to happen.

Final Words

Overall, judgement reversed is about the dismissal or denial of one’s fate. The best thing to do in this situation is to trust your path.

Trust that you are here for a reason. You have a purpose to fulfil. The Divine powers will take care of anything that comes in your way.

You don’t need to worry. You don’t need to force a particular outcome. Trust that it will happen when it is meant to happen.

Now that we have discussed in detail the meaning of judgement reversed as feelings, love, advice and how someone sees you, I hope that you are better equipped to interpret the meaning of this card when it appears in a tarot reading.