Online Spiritual Counseling Services: Review. Find The Best spiritual therapist online Now

Review: online spiritual counseling services

We have carefully reviewed and analyzed the results of many spiritual therapists online. Here is what we found.

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Finding a good spirit counselor with the proper certifications can be difficult in person.

It is much easier to use online spiritual counseling services so that you can be sure you are booking a reading with a certified and educated therapist.

It is also much more convenient to book with a spiritual therapist online.

There are many educated spiritual counselors online who are available to chat whenever you need them. Read on to learn more about how to find the best spiritual therapist online now.

online spiritual counseling services

Book Online Spiritual Counseling Services with Kasamba is an online psychic platform that can help connect you to some of the best online spiritual counseling services worldwide.

You can scroll through the profiles of thousands of psychics on Kasamba to learn more about their past experience.

When searching for a spiritual therapist, it is best to find one who is certified and educated in the field.

Kasamba enables you to easily find the best professionals available. You can also read about methodologies used by the spiritual therapist, as well as what past clients had to say about them.

With so many to choose from, you will be able to quickly find a great option for you.

Psychic #1 – Our top pic

Lilly is a certified and educated spiritual therapist with quite a lot of experience.

She has obtained an MS, MA, and a Doctorate of Psychology degree in Relationship and Marriage-Family Therapy.



She also has numerous other certifications that make her extremely qualified, including a Professional Behavior Analyst certificate, Traumatologist certificate, and a Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner certificate.

She is a great option for those looking for a spiritual therapist that is highly educated in matters of relationships.

She specializes in the topics of soulmates, twin flames, newlyweds, sex, break-ups, cheating, and more.

Lilly is newer to Kasamaba and only has 53 reviews. However, those reviews are an average of 5 out of 5 stars. Her rates start at $24.44 per minute or $100 for an email reading.

Psychic #2 – 15 years of experience

LeeLoo obtained her Master’s degree in psychology and has been working in the field for over 15 years. Though she does not have a doctorate, her experience more than makes up for it.

LeeLoo.s Esotericorner


LeeLoo also has experience in dream interpretation, reading tarot cards, clairvoyance, and working as a life and relationship coach.

Her experience with coaching her clients on everyday life matters gives her a unique edge.

She does not just help you work through your problems, but she can also offer solid advice regarding your future.

LeeLoo has a 5 out of 5 stars rating average from her 900+ past client reviews. A quick reading is $30, while a complex reading is $100. Her per minute prices begin at $7.99.

Psychic #3 – Thousands of satisfied clients

Alicia has a Bachelor of Psychology degree and six years of experience working as a consultant psychologist.

She also has several years of experience working in astrology, numerology, dream analysis, tarot reading, and palm reading.



Alicia does not have any postgraduate degrees or as much experience as the other two psychics have.

However, she has worked with thousands of clients over her career and is widely loved on Kasamba. She has maintained a 5 out of 5 star average with over 6,000 reviews.

This is quite impressive as it makes her one of the top-rated spiritual therapists on the platform.

She offers very affordable spiritual counseling sessions. It costs only $10 for an email reading or $4.99 per minute.

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Find the Best Online Spiritual Counseling Services on Kasamba!

  • All psychics are held to Kasamba’s strict qualifications. This way, you can trust that the psychics on the site will provide you with high-quality services.
  • You can check the past client reviews of the many psychics on Kasamba before you book a reading to make sure other clients have been satisfied with their reading.
  • You can research a spiritual therapist’s past experience, degrees, certifications, methodologies, and more before you reach out to them.
  • Kasamba has a stress-free pricing program where your first three minutes of a reading are free. If you are unsatisfied with your reading, then a refund is guaranteed.

What Makes Spiritual Therapists from Kasamba Stand Out?

  • Kasamba’s psychics are often some of the best in their respective fields. The spiritual therapists on the site have gotten previous college degrees in their field, as well as worked for many years honing their craft.
  • The spiritual psychics on Kasamba not only have the proper certifications for their field of work but an extensive amount of experience to back it up.
  • You have constant access to the psychics on Kasamba due to its convenient online presence. Whenever you need to talk to a spiritual counselor, there will undoubtedly be one already online.
  • The leading spiritual psychics on Kasamba have many positive reviews and raving comments from past clients. Positive reviews are the norm on Kasamba – you will find way more spiritual therapists with 4+ stars than less.
  • You can communicate with your spiritual therapists using text, email, phone calls, live chat, or whatever is most convenient for you.


Kasamba offers some of the best online spiritual counseling services in the world.

You can book a session from the comfort of your home after looking over the qualifications and past reviews of all the available spiritual therapists.

Out of all the spiritual therapists mentioned, we recommend Psychic #1, Lilly.

Because of her many degrees in the field and her past work, we believe that she will be an exceptional spiritual therapist who you will be able to work with for a long time.

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