Card Meaning: Temperance reversed love reading, as feelings, and as a person

temperance reversed love reading

The fifteenth card in the sequence of the tarot deck is that of Temperance Reversed.

Following the cycle of destructive change that the Death card brought before it, Temperance Reversed represents a force that seeks to rebuild and reconstruct so that a new, more productive existence can begin.

This is achieved through the re-establishment of balance, as all things in the universe seek to exist in harmony.

The traditional tarot image of Temperance Reversed depicts an androgynous, angelic figure clothed in white with a pair of red wings.

The white of the robe represents the angel’s inherent purity – the stuff he is made of. However, the red of the wings stands for the desire inherent in every being.

The wings themselves are the very source of the angel’s ability to fly. Both are needed to form the composite of what the angel is in and of it.

Moreover, the figure is situated with one foot upon the earth and one upon the waters, further underscoring the union of dualities.

It also holds a chalice in either hand and pours the holy waters of life from one to the other.

temperance reversed love reading

Temperance Reversed Love Reading

In love tarot readings, the Temperance Reversed Tarot Card is the card of patience, cooperation, balance, and moderation.

She urges us not to act compulsively. Instead, her appearance is always an indicator that it is a time for us to stop and think.

It holds particularly true when we are contemplating our romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship and you draw the Temperance Reversed card during a love tarot reading, then there may be a need for cooperation and consideration.

You and your partner may need to explore ways to bring harmony back into your relationship.

One way to do this is by thoroughly examining where your relationship is struggling and coming up with a solution to how you can increase your communication and sensitivity towards each other.

The Temperance Reversed card often can mean that it is essential to compromise with your partner to achieve balance and harmony.

Temperance Reversed As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, Temperance Reversed indicates that the person in question wants to moderate their feelings for you. It could be the case if they don’t want to fall in love, for example.

Another interpretation is that they enjoy the flow of emotions. They could be very aware of their feelings at the time.

They also might feel as if everything is in perfect balance and harmony. They might feel like you are on the same wavelength.

Temperance Reversed As a Person

The Temperance Reversed tarot card represents a balanced interaction between the elements to create something new and fresh.

Temperance Reversed includes all the details so that it brings out the best of each substance.

When the Temperance Reversed card shows up in your life, there is excellent balance and strength between the different areas and people in your life that are working together.

The outcome is beneficial for everyone involved. Temperance Reversed tarot card appears in your life to point out to you what is giving your life meaning and purpose.

Temperance Reversed As Advice

Temperance Reversed tarot card reversed is someone who is going too fast, too far, and is taking too many risks.

They need to slow down and have a break. Someone or something in their life is driving them crazy, bringing out the worst in them.

The way they are going, they will burn out long before they reach their goals.


Temperance Reversed can appear to signify the need to find balance in the querent’s relationship with himself.

The need to find peace within oneself is just as great as the need to find peace in relationships that involve others.

Excess positivity and optimism can be just as counter-productive as an excess of pessimism. Hence, the objective here is also to find the balance between extremes instead of leaning solely toward one another.

It can be achieved by turning within and becoming quiet to listen to the little voice within us all that shows us the way to go in the face of any dilemma.

It’s also important to remember that the Temperance Reversed tarot card is also a spiritual card. In many cases, the Temperance Reversed card urges us to quit using our self-will to manage our lives.

It is particularly true when it comes to love. We may need to learn to be patient and to trust the process. It may even be a time to turn things over to the Divine and trust your faith.

Know that in the end, love will find you if you keep your heart open to it.