Tea Leaf Reading Online & Near Me Review: Here is the best tasseography reading & tea leaf readers near me

Review: tea leaf reading online

After carefully reviewing a bunch of tea leaf readers here is our choice for the top tea leaf reading online.

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Tea leaf reading is one of the most interesting forms of divination.

A tea leaf reader searches for symbols and patterns in the leftover tea leaves to predict the future of their client. What can be more exciting?

What is it about your future that excites you the most? What do you fear the most? Why not try a tasseography reading to help you with that?

No one can predict the future a hundred percent correctly. But, psychic tea leaf readings can help you connect with the spiritual realm and receive life-changing messages.

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Book Tea Leaf Reading Online with Kasamba

Today, let’s check out the best readers to get tea leaf reading online on kasamba.

Kasamba is one of the best platforms to get any type of psychic reading. No more searching “tasseography near me” or “tea leaf reading near me”. In this day and age, most tea leaf readers offer their services online. 

Kasamba allows you to chat with your favorite tea leaf readers for free for the first three minutes. This can help you choose a psychic/tea leaf reader that you resonate with before having to pay for a session with them. 

Additionally, you can also avail up to 15% discounts on your readings. 

You don’t need to worry about “tea leaf reading near me” or “tasseography near me” anymore. 

Psychic #1 – Our top choice

Lee is a psychic clairvoyant and uses a variety of tools including angel tarot cards, pendulum, I-ching, and tea leaves in her readings. 

She is a 5 star psychic on kasamba and has 970 reviews in total. 

LeeLoo.s Esotericorner also has an MS in Psychology with enables her to understand what you are feeling from a scientific perspective as well. 

This combined with her fortune-telling and tasseography skills helps her customers experience the best of both worlds(scientific and spiritual).

LeeLoo.s Esotericorner


She understands what you are going through and will try to help you, as she has for her 970 satisfied customers.

She will read the symbol in her tea leaf cups intuitively and deliver her messages.

Her reviews confirm that her guidance has been life-changing for about a thousand people.

For her tasseography reading, she charges $4.00 per minute.

You can also chat with her for free for the first three minutes and see if you resonate with her tone and reading style.

Psychic #2 – 10 years of tasseography reading experience

If you are on a budget, Best Psychic Readings is obviously your best choice (pun intended). 

He is a master fortune-teller and tea-leaf reader and can help you with the answers you need to make better choices in life.

Best Psychic Readings


Tea-leaf readings are as methodological as they are intuitive. Tuning into the patterns formed by tea leaves is not an easy job. But, he has 10+ years of experience working as a fortune teller and tasseography expert. 

He is a  5-star fortune-teller at kasamba with 35,524 reviews. 

He charges $2.50 per minute. If you choose him as your reader, you can avail up to a 50% discount on any of his services. 

He only provides chat-based readings and doesn’t offer email/phone-based services.

Psychic #3 – Strong psychic reading tea leaves

Shiwa is an expert tarot reader, numerologist, and fortune teller from India.

She provides accurate readings and has used many tools over the years for that including Crystal Ball Reading, Tea Leaf Reading, Fortune Cookies, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology, and more. 

Spiritual Shiwa


Her main focus is to help you with your relationships via all her tools.

She is a well-known and well-respected tasseography reader. Her clients find her gentle, patient, and kind.

Shiwa is a 4.5-star reader on Kasamba with 5,092 reviews. She offers up to 50% discount on her services. She charges $2.00 per minute for her readings. 

Her mission is to change people’s lives for the better with her psychic knowledge, fortune telling, and tea-leaf reading services.

She is truly a gifted soul with a pure heart- a very rare combination! 

stephanie soul reader online

Conclusion on tea leaf readers

Based on our reviews, we recommend that you try a tea-leaf reading with LeeLoo. Esotericorner.

She is not just an intuitive reader. Her knowledge of psychology will help her understand what is going on in your mind while reading your leaves.

Her readings are not only affordable but also insightful.

The best tea leaf readings are the ones where you can trust the tea leaf, psychic reader.

Everything else comes second. To get an accurate tea leaf reading online, we recommend that you try the reading with an open mind and ask specific questions.

Allow the reader as much time as they need to connect with the leaves and their guides. 

Let them tune into the patterns of the leaf. It is okay if they need a few minutes with the leaves.  Please be patient while waiting for your tea leaf results.

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