Tarot Card Meaning: The Magician as Feelings for Someone and as Romantic Love Advice

the magician as feelings for someone

The magician is a very tricky card to read and interpret. The messages are so versatile that one can easily get confused about the meaning. To make your next tarot reading easier, let’s discuss the magician as feelings for someone, advice, and relationship outcome.

To be precise, our discussion of the magician will be based on the following bullet points.

  • The magician as feelings for someone
  • The magician as romantic feelings
  • The magician as a person
  • The magician as advice
  • The magician as feelings for an ex
  • The magician reversed as feelings
  • The magician as a relationship outcome


the magician as feelings for someone

The Magician represents a person who has as many tricks up their sleeve as they need. This is a very skilled individual who knows what they want and how to get it. The Magician can sometimes represent trickster energy.

The card can also speak of our desire to trick the universe to deliver what we want to receive. Let’s explore the meaning of the Magician tarot card in greater detail.

The Magician As Feelings For Someone

The Magician Card talks about our desire to manifest a specific person in our life.

If this message is about a person you have a history with, the message of the magician as feelings for someone is to not waste time waiting for them to show up. Instead, fight for what you want.

Trust that the Universe has your back. You are not alone. If you are asking about someone else’s feelings for you, the magician card indicates their desire to control the outcome of this situation.

Depending on the surrounding cards, this outcome can be to spend a lifetime with you or have you for one night.

When this card shows up in a reading, please pay extra attention to surrounding cards to know the context of the reading.

This card can also indicate an individual that doesn’t need a partner to complete them. This person is very independent. If they were to fall in love with a person, it would be someone who wants to complement them.

The Magician As Romantic Feelings

In a romantic context, the magician card indicates a desire to manifest a loving relationship with someone.

The message of the magician card is to take control and not let everything be dictated by fate.

The Magician as romantic feelings can also talk about a desire to give everything one has to the one they love.

This person will not spare any tool they have to make the relationship work. They are in it for a long haul.

The question that this card asks is if you are as committed as them. If this card is talking about your feelings for someone, it is time to figure out if your partner feels the same way about you.

It’s time to have a heart-to-heart discussion about what you both want out of this relationship.

The Magician As A Person

The Magician tarot card talks about a person that is familiar with the forces of Nature.

This person is in tune with the five elements(fire, air, water, earth, and spirit) and works with them regularly to manifest their desired reality.

In work situations, the magician is very skillful. They know how to make things work and are well-known for it.

In a romantic situation, the magician as a person is willing to sacrifice everything they have to make things work for you. This card can also indicate your desire to be with a person of your interest.

Before you completely lose yourself in this relationship, it’s time to figure out if your partner feels the same way about you.

The Magician As Advice

The Magician as advice is about trusting that the forces of the Universe are with you. Just because you don’t have what you want right now, it doesn’t mean you never will.

As an advice card, the magician card also asks you not to half-ass everything. If you want something, work hard to get it. The law of attraction will not work until you actually do something to manifest what you want. 

Sometimes, prayers aren’t enough. You need to work hard to manifest your desires.

The Magician As Feelings For An Ex

When it comes to an ex, the magician card can reflect your desire to be with this person.

It can also talk about their desire to try making things work with you. Without looking at surrounding cards, we can never tell what the exact intentions of this person are.

What we can tell though is that they are actively thinking about what happened between you two. The Magician is not a passive thinker. They are definitely planning to make a move.

the magician reversed as feelings

The Magician Reversed As Feelings

The magician reversed talks about falling out with a partner. This can be due to control issues or a desire to control the future of this relationship,

Magician reversed as feelings is about feeling at odds with fate– like nothing is in your control anymore. The best thing to do in this situation is to take things slow and see what God/Spirit has planned for you.

The Magician As A Relationship Outcome

What does it mean when you ask the cards about the outcome of a relationship and the Magician card shows up? Will the relationship work?

The meaning of the magician as a relationship outcome is that things are not set in stone.

The future of this relationship depends on your and your partner’s free will. How you treat each other will ultimately determine the future of this relationship.

Having discussed the magician card as feelings, a person, advice, and relationship outcome, I hope you will be able to determine its message when it next appears in your tarot reading.

Overall, the energy of this card is about taking things in your hand. No matter what the situation is, you are in charge of it.  Your actions will ultimately decide the future. Nothing else matters!