Tarot Card Meaning: The Tower As Feelings for Someone, As a Person, As Action, As Intentions and As a Situation

the tower as feelings for someone

Perhaps considered one of the most negative cards in the Tarot deck, The Tower is the card of chaos and upheaval.

Its contemporary tarot card meanings often refer to disruption, instability, transformation, and the inevitable truth.

In this post we’ll cover the interpretation of the tower as feelings for someone, the tower as a person, the tower as action, the tower as intentions, and the tower as a situation.

the tower as feelings for someone

One can anticipate the total deconstruction of one’s belief system when the Tower card appears in a tarot reading. The Tower brings forth an unacknowledged reality.

It is an indicator that one’s faulty perceptions have caused the creation of an unreliable foundation.

It is a warning that one’s thought processes are not in alignment with a higher truth. It always signifies the commencement of emotional purging.


However, there is much more to the Tower card than the concept of destruction. In truth, the Tower is a card of freedom and opportunity.

It is there to guarantee you that assuming you decide to shed yourself of your defective convictions; you will encounter inward opportunity. In its place comes another degree of cognizance.

This increased awareness is an immediate consequence of new correspondence channels with the higher brain or heavenly soul. In a Tarot perusing, the Tower clarifies the pieces of our internal creatures that we have been hesitant to look at.

This refusal makes our activities or ways of behaving struggle with our bits of insight. At last, when we track down the mental fortitude to take a gander at our misguided judgments, we are liberated.

The Tower as Feelings for Someone

The Tower as how someone feels about you is also a relevant interpretation of the card.

The Tower can demonstrate the need to push your relationship forward. Maybe, things have ground to a halt, and what was once a loving and kind relationship has changed into a passionless one.

In affection tarot readings, the Tower urges you to pose yourself with a few essential inquiries about your connections and organizations.

The Tower as a Person

It would be an ideal opportunity to look at on the off chance that you are forfeiting your satisfaction and opportunity for a relationship that gives you security.

Suppose a connection has been shaky or upset by disavowal. In that case, this may likewise be an ideal opportunity to either let it go, get fair, and, if necessary, consent to find support from an expert.

The Tower frequently shows a need to move your thoughts regarding love if you are single. Maybe now is the ideal time to date another sort of individual? That may be how to interpret the tower as a person.

Your ways of behaving and figured designs should change to draw a more honest and certifiable relationship into your life.

The Tower as Action

The card depicts a Tower being struck and crumbling, a shaking of the very foundation on which it stands. Which in turn shows how the tower as action can be interpreted.

For a person in a reading, it can come a time when we are not particularly wanting or expecting change. It may come in any area of your life.

Perhaps you’ve been working at the same job for ten years. While you are making a living at it, you do not find any true satisfaction from your work.

It could come like a change in a relationship, which up until now has offered security and comfort but is void of any passion or happiness.

The Tower as Intentions

The Tower as intentions represents changes appearing in the outer world and often reflects deity-level changes.

This card has shown up a lot in recent years, tying in with the world and galactic changes.

Changes indicated by the Tower can be violent or drastic and are simply a warning for us to be prepared. The Tower isn’t evil; it’s a warning to be aware of.

The Tower as a Situation

Human beings tend to want to cling to the familiar whether or not it is genuinely serving them in much the same way a young child clings to a security blanket.

However, through the Tower as a situation, we learn to willingly let go of what we have to gain what we want and need finally.

Conclusion – How to Interpret All This

When the Tower makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it generally signals the approach of the time when truths, fantasies, and belief systems built on falsehoods are about to meet their demise.

The changes spoken of will most likely come about quite suddenly, throw the querent for a loop, and be very shocking or jarring.