Psychic readings by email Review: Here is the most accurate & best email psychic for 2022

Review: psychic readings by email

Accurate psychic email readings can be hard to find, so we’ve done the research. Here is our top 3 best email psychics.

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Many people love to book email-based readings with their psychics. Besides being convenient, email readings consume less time, and you can revisit them as often as you like.

If you too are a fan of psychic readings by email, we have a list of the best email psychics for you. 

Email psychic readings are an easy way to get the answers you need from your favorite psychic.

Unlike chat or phone-based readings, you don’t have to talk to your psychic right away. You can just make a booking and go about your day. 

You can check your email whenever you have time.

psychic readings by email

Since emails can be easily saved and re-accessed, you can return to your reading as many times as you need. 

Also, in chat or phone-based readings, we pay by the minute. In email readings, you can book a reading based on your budget. You won’t have to worry about the money later. 

You can receive your reading at any time you want, skim through it or read every little detail. Psychic emails offer you complete control and flexibility over your reading.

So, if you want a psychic reading via email, we have compiled a list of the best email psychics that you can book with.

Accurate Psychic Email Readings On Kasamba And PsychicSource

PsychicSource is a trusted platform for chat, phone, or video-based readings. 

You can get a psychic reading on for as low as$1.00 per minute. If you are a new customer, you can avail a special discount and get your reading for just $0.60 per minute. 

PsychicSource doesn’t have a specific category for email readings. But, you can message your favorite psychic and request a psychic reading via email. 

The prices vary from psychic to psychic. Usually, psychic readings are delivered within 48 hours of the request. If you don’t receive your reading within this time period, please contact their customer service at 1866 326 9865.

Kasamba, on the other hand, have been connecting people with trusted and competent psychics for the last twenty years. Many of their psychics offer email-based readings. 

You can easily check this information by clicking on your psychic’s profile. 

Every psychic’s profile on Kasamba contains all the information you need to get a psychic email reading.

Prices usually vary from psychic to psychic. You can also request a psychic reading via email and request the psychic to suggest a price based on your budget. 

Kasamba has about 300 psychic reading advisors. You can get the first three-minutes free with every new psychic you connect with on their platform.

Overall, kasamba appears to be a better choice for email-based psychic readings. You can check the prices without having to get in touch with a reader. Also, you have the opportunity to request an email psychic reading based on your budget.

Here is a list of our favorite email psychics on Kasamba. 

Psychic #1 – Best Email Psychic For Intimacy Related Issues

Light4you has been working on Kasamba for the past 11 years.

She has been a psychic empath for the past twelve years. She uses tarot to confirm her intuitive promptings. 

Her readings have provided comfort and guidance to many souls over the last decade. Her readings combine common sense with psychology and her empathic abilities.



She specializes in intimacy-related issues and provides readings via live chat, phone, and email. Her clients find her honest and accurate. 

If you are on a budget, she offers special reading offers at the end of every month.

She has 14,216 reviews with 5-star average ratings. 

She charges $20 for psychic readings by email. She delivers her email readings within an hour of your booking with her.

Psychic #2 – Psychic Photo Reader

Ask Cristina is a photograph reader on Kasamba. She has been psychic ever since her childhood.

She didn’t realize that she was gifted until she was visited by her spirit guide. As a little girl, she called this guide an angel.

Her purpose is to find unique ways to help people. She wants to be a teacher and encourage people to tap into their gifts and live a happy life.

Ask Cristina


She believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. As a psychic, she taps into the energy of the photo and give people an accurate reading.

You can share your and your loved one’s photo for her to read via chat or phone call. She only delivers email readings to her regular clients.

If you are looking for accurate psychic email readings on kasamba, she is one of the best reader on the platform.

She charges $6.99 per minute for her chat/phone based readings.

Her clients describe her as a direct, gentle and accurate reader.

She has 11,679 reviews with 5-star average ratings.

Psychic #3 – Certified Professional Tarot Reader

Quietsound has been a professional psychic since 1998. She received her tarot certification from Tarot Certification Board in 2001.

She joined Kasamba in 2002 and has been helping her clients find the answers they need ever since. 

Furthermore, she uses a variety of decks in her readings. You can request a particular deck if it sticks out to you. 



Her clients find her helpful and comforting.

If you want to get a psychic email reading by a professional, she is by far your best choice.

Quietsound has 23,075 reviews with 5-star average ratings.

She charges $45 for her psychic email services.

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Conclusion – psychic emails

All the psychics that we have shared today have been working on Kasamba for over a decade. Their psychic email readings are accurate, making them one of the most trustworthy and reliable readers on the platform.

Email-based readings are the most quick and flexible form of psychic readings.

If you want to book psychic readings by email, we recommend Light4you.

She has the most budget-friendly offer and is more than qualified to provide psychic advice. 

A tarot reader with psychic gifts with an understanding of psychological concepts is extremely rare.

She is one of the very best email psychics. Also, she has 11 years of experience as a reader.

Her clients find her readings accurate and insightful. She is undoubtedly the best choice for a psychic reading via email.

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